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G1 Soundwave Transformers 1984

G1 Soundwave Transformers 1984

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Figure is in used condition as documented in photos. includes only accessories shown, no mini cassette figures included.

Soundwave began life as the Micro Change toy "Cassette Man", and went mostly unchanged when he was imported by Hasbro to become part of the Transformers toyline, save for exclusion of some accessories, and the removal of a molded "Cassette Man" logo and "MC-10" on his cassette door. He transforms into a realistically-sized blue and silver microcassette recorder, complete with an opening cassette door that can accommodate any of the numerous Mini-Cassette figures, and came packaged with Buzzsaw to fully exploit and advertise this interactive gimmick. Soundwave is armed with a shoulder-mounted cannon and a hand-held concussion blaster, which both transform into imitation batteries that store in a compartment on his back while he is in his alternate mode.

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