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MP-11 Coronation Starscream Transformers Masterpiece

MP-11 Coronation Starscream Transformers Masterpiece

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Figure is like new, without box and includes all original accessories as shown in photos.

This reissue version of Masterpiece Starscream has been recolored and includes remolded parts, restoring the original MP-03 hip design. It also includes the cape and crown worn during his coronation after the supposed death of Megatron.

Following the catastrophic Battle of Autobot City, Starscream used their chaotic exit as an opportunity to push the battered Megatron out of Astrotrain's cargo hold and finally fulfill his quest for leadership. Starscream’s self-nomination for Decepticon leader triggers a minor battle for leadership between Soundwave and the Constructicons that ultimately ended with a pompous coronation ceremony in which Starscream is presented with the jewel-studded crown of leadership. His glory was short-lived when he was destroyed by the vengeful Galvatron only an instant later.

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